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Rushing Electric began in 1972 as a sole proprietorship with two employees.  The owner had a full time job and went to college at night while operating Rushing Electric.  Rushing Electric became incorporated in 1985 at 1119 E. North 36th Street, Savannah, Georgia, where Tom Rushing purchased a building and two lots in Savannah, Ga. to run his business.

As the business grew and required more people, the number of employees increased to 28.  Rushing Electric started out doing restoration electrical work in the old homes in downtown Savannah, GA.  Commercial work included Hardee’s, Burger King, Popeye’s Chicken, McDonald’s, El Cheapo Gas Stations, Shell Gas Stations, a convenience store  at Fort Stewart, and Youth Activity Center with the Corps of Engineers at Ft. Stewart. Rushing Electric has done almost every aspect of the electrical field including new installation, repairs and service work for residential, commercial and industrial jobs.

In 2001, Tom Rushing bought a 5600 square foot building in Garden City at 411 Highway 80, West, and moved to this location on June 11th. Rushing Electric is still located here today.

Again, I would like to thank Rushing Electric Co., Inc. employees for a very positive experience. Deborah, for her interest and kindness in helping to get me the needed help. Mark, for coordinating the project and sending me the “best” to perform the work. Gene and Jonathan for completing the job. Jonathan was such a nice young man, diligently doing his jobs. What a wonderful role-model Gene is for any young person. He displayed a very strong, mature work ethic. He was personable, patient, and conscientious. He want the job completed correctly – everything working as it was supposed to – before they left. I appreciate all involved in this project. They are all assets to the business. You need to know that – and they do, too!!!

Marion C., Loyal customer of Rushing Electric

Rushing Electrics Management Philosophy is:   “We deal with Solutions – not Problems!”

Our goal is to have a satisfied and happy customer base. The successful business operation and reputation of Rushing Electric survives on our customers’ trust and we are dedicated to preserving that trust.